Tips to shop online frugally

There is no need to spend more on your everyday shopping. When you are going to buy things online, make sure to check out how to shop online frugally. There are a lot of good deals and discounts to take advantage of. An easy search should give you a list of top 5 websites for frugal shopping. It is always a good idea to look to eBay when you want to buy second-hand goods, such as clothing or home items. Another way to shop online frugally is to visit different coupon websites. There you can sometimes find vouchers or codes that give you discounts on your shopping. Look to different money saving blogs to learn about methods to save on your purchases. Different comparison sites list the price of goods from a variety of retailers so that you can get a clear overview of the best prices from around the web. Websites, such as Gumtree, are another great resource if you are looking to buy things second-hand.

Shop online frugally


Fakes and the Role of Social Media

Fakes: The North Face Jacket on Social media

Fakes are taking the consumers for a ride on the internet. social media and counterfeit goods have a close relation as revealed by a recent study. The Fakes have a price tag which is less than half of the original and they sell like hot cakes. Counterfeits are having a really good time on social media. The usual way is to post a picture on Pinterest and share the details of the seller. The products are photographed to resemble products of a popular brand. The photos become the selling point and most of the times the fake products outsell their original counterparts. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with such posts and these platforms are finding it hard to shake off these fakes. Big brands like Apple are also facing the brunt of fake products. I recently experienced the same while shopping online for a watch. I was surprised to find a Tissot watch for $250 which is a really low price. I thought that it was some kind of sale and ordered. The product I received was a fake with a different logo and the name was ” Tisot” instead of “Tissot”. So, the next time you find a product which is branded and selling at a considerably low price do not buy be taken in, double check. It might be a fake.

Online shopping disasters

Online shopping disasters: Expectation vs Reality

Online shopping disasters can really make you question the legitimacy of online shopping. Last month, I was at the receiving end of it. I was waiting for the latest Kindle Fire to launch and I ordered it online. What I got instead was a photo frame. I had to call customer support and return it. This was the first time such a thing had happened to me, and it was weird. But most online shopping disasters happen with clothes and footwear. My neighbour Sara ordered a medium-sized dress online and got a dress that was twice her size. Now this could happen to anyone as judging sizes online can be tricky. Even the product specification may not be helpful at times. I would like to share one more experience my sister had when she bought two books online. The titles were part one and part two of a series. But when she opened them, only the cover was different and the text inside was the same. She returned both the books and swore never to buy online again. These experiences really make you feel that it is not worth shopping online if you can face such troubles. However, you can enjoy the experience if you are careful, and what to be careful of I will share in the next post.

Subscribe to Newsletters and get the Latest Deals

Almost everyone is shopping online. It has become our lifestyle and is taking over the conventional shopping where you have to go to a Mall and move around trying to find something that interests you.  However, as much as online shopping has made shopping easier, not everyone is happy.  You can buy something online for $45 only to find the same product in your local store retailing at $29.

One of the simplest and easy ways to get the best deals online is by subscribing to an online store newsletter.  The number one avenue for online stores to announce new deals is through email marketing and that including newsletters. It is fast, cheap and easy to reach many people. That is why whenever you are registering or checking out, many stores always gives you an option of joining their mailing list.

Please! Do not ignore this. Opt in.

You may be worried about the privacy of your details. It is true that some stores might sell or use your details in ways you may not like. Some will sell it to other online business and that is how you end having more spam emails.

To avoid this, you first need to establish the legitimacy of the online store. The simplest way is to look up for reviews about that particular store. If they are not legit someone somewhere will complain about them.

Secure online shoppingLook if they are a secure store. On the top right hand corner, look for a green lock. The green lock means that the site has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which protects any data that is passed between web servers and your browser. Websites that has SSL are legitimate..

It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Don’t just read the privacy policy only, combine the above two tips to determine which site you can subscribe for their newsletter. Privacy policies are just words and can be copied from another site or auto-generated online. What matters is who is enforcing the privacy policy? If they are not legit, they will definitely not enforce their own privacy policies.

Newsletter will put you at the front seat whenever there is a new deal or a flash sale. Most of these deals are limited hence you to be among the first to know about them. That where newsletter subscription comes in handy.

Things to consider while buying Gadgets Online

Buying Gadgets Online

Sale of gadgets in retail stores are going down every minute. There are many things to consider like – there are not that many options to compare and it does not have the lowest possible price. Buying gadgets online is becoming a trend. However few things need to be kept in mind while buying.

Always Compare Prices – You always compare prices while shopping in retail stores and try to get the best deal. There are so many options on the web. Just use the best comparing website. Search engines like google can help you with this.

Consider used and refurbished – The best deals of used and refurbished gadgets are there online. Always try them , they come dirt cheap and have the specifications which will match your requirements.

Do not buy extended warranties – Gadgets have very short shelf life. In 3 months new technology will come and it will render your warranty useless. Buying extended warranties is a big No.

Always opt for Insured Shipping – Instead of clicking the free shipping option read the terms and conditions carefully. A few extra dollars will ensure safe transit. Go for it always.

Buy reliable brands – Buy brands that are reliable how do you identify this? It is not the specifications but the quality testing that makes the brands click.

Hack Attacks Threatening E-commerce and Credit Card Safety?

It is amazing that by merely connecting your computer up and using the right software you can browse through literally thousands of databases and retrieve any information you want or buy products and services conveniently from the biggest market place in the world .Certainly surveys have shown that shoppers make use of the web in instances where it can be more beneficial over traditional shopping. As a matter of fact, most of the educated people worldwide are known to shop more online than going to markets and making the purchases the traditional way. One thing is for sure, having thousands of vendors all under one roof is awesome and you can really compare till you find the best prices.

Keeping your credit card information safe

I’ve always loved shopping online but these days it seems you have to be so careful because it seems hackers are becoming ever more crafty at stealing credit card information from e-commerce sites. Suddenly shopping online seems vulnerable to me and I’ve seen even sites like e-bay going under, stopping auctions out of the blue. Hackers don’t care – they attack sites of all sizes, from your tiny family-run online business to huge enterprises. To me e-commerce looks as though its being threatened and that millions of dollars in potential revenue are lost and who knows how safe our credit card information is?

Using Search Engines


Using search engines to find what you are looking for

Like most people when I am looking for something I go ask Google, which is sharp efficient and almost reads my mind. Sometimes though if it is area specific I don’t always want to trawl through loads of pages maybe to find that little vintage shop I saw in my last visit to Melbourne. I find it useful then to have access to other search engines; ones that will help me pinpoint certain businesses or places.  I have found this list very useful to keep in my bookmarks.

Search engines use logarithms to functions in a way that is far beyond the normal you and me – well my maths anyway but it is a good idea to know how the leaders on a search engine get there. Most firms employ  SEO – search engine optimisation for their websites. This is an intricate, planned approached to promote their products in a way that Google will recognise; often using other businesses to do this. The search engine is endeavoring to ensure you the customer gets what he is looking for in a clear, descriptive way. They are also encouraging businesses that ensure their websites are smart phone/ tablet friendly. So annoying when searching on my android and the website does not fit my screen and I have to keep scrolling, or it is so small it is unreadable. Well good is search engines penalize businesses that do not offer better visitor experience to the websites, so we should be finding the ones that do allow better viewing at the top of the pages. Want to know more about SEO, take a look here.

Just one more thing before I leave off today, I am using new laptop as my other became very damaged in a visiting nephew accident! As not in my budget but essential I decided on a loan; best deal for me was, check it out if you find yourself in a similar fix.

Shop without Embarrassment on the Net


I still can’t believe there are people who refuse to do Internet shopping because they reckon its too complicated. They’d rather pay more for a product and drive from from one store to the next looking for a bargain. What can be better than when you’re ill and can’t get out to simply go online in your PJs and order what you need. Who can deny the fantastic convenience of having your items delivered to your door?  You simply click on the products you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart.


I suppose some older people and those who refuse to accept modern technology have problems with payments and the safety of it. I used to be like that too, until I was forced to buy something off the Internet that wasn’t available anywhere else. But that’s what I keep saying – online shopping comes with all these benefits – low prices, easy payment process, timely delivery plus reliability and security.

When you are are finishing buying your stuff, I keep telling people who are reluctant to shop online, that all it requires is hitting the ‘pay’ or ‘check out’ button .

Just like in a traditional store, you may be required to provide your password and then as always the online store is informed electronically that you have the means to pay and presents your card details in encrypted form. Unlike in a traditional store, if your card is declined, there’s no embarrassed looks from people behind you in the queue. The online store then ships the goods to you – what could be easier and more convenient?

Shopping online with coupon and promotional c odes

Economic hard times are almost over. With it, new lessons were learnt in terms of savings and investments. Most individuals are now finding it imperative to save their cash and at the same time trying to make each hard earned penny stretch a bit further to meet their needs. To do this, they are rapidly turning to the coupons and promotional codes offered to customers by several companies in the online market. For the companies’, the promotional codes and discounts are a way of attracting more customers and also increasing their loyalty.

online shopping

Shopping online has its own shares of benefits. With a few clicks, you can easily find the products you want. This also makes it easy to compare prices from different suppliers until you get the one with the best deal. When looking for the best deal, you should also be keen to look out for promotion codes and coupons on the product. Finding a good coupon and promotion code shopping website is equally quite easy. If possible, settle with a site that has links with retailers as they are most likely to have the best discounts for their products.

In most cases, you can find discounts on almost anything you have in mind. This can range from services to good. You can easily get discounts for groceries of all kinds and even usable disposable products like dippers, detergents, food product, the list is endless. Equally, in the services industries, you can get discounts on certain things like flights, hotels, attractions, restaurants and travel.

However, before making any purchase online, it is always necessary to ensure that your dealer is reputable, trustworthy and legit to carry out the business. This will help you reduce the chances of being swindled with substandard goods or failed deliveries. Take time to do a thorough background search on the website from which you intend to make your purchase and watch out for anything that might be of concern. Remember that your intention is to have the best value and at a cost favorable to you. However, landing on a fraud website might cost you much more rather than helping you save up.

The main idea while opting to purchase products with promotion codes and coupons is to help you save up while at the same time purchasing the products at a much favorable price.

Tips for safe online shopping experience

Online shopping has a lot more pros than cons for sure. However, you have to do all you can to have an absolutely safe and effective online shopping experience. It is not that difficult to maintain online safety- you just have to follow basic rules.

Safe Online Shopping

1. Shop from trusted websites. These are websites that have safer payment methods, and chances are less that you will be cheated in this situation.

2. Look for the certificate. Trusted websites will have a secure sockets layer (SSL). This is the sign you need to check for before you make a payment with your card on a website. This SSL certificate will show up before the website name- the tag will change from http to https.

3. Have a functioning anti virus. Your computer is probably host to a number of malwares and viruses that could steal your identity even when you are using them in a website you frequent. In order to prevent identity theft, you should have a functioning antivirus and make sure that you run them fairy frequently too.

4. Only use private connections. Make sure that your WiFi has a strong password and do not share this detail with everybody. Do not use public terminals or computers while making purchases with your credit card either.