Tips for safe online shopping experience

Online shopping has a lot more pros than cons for sure. However, you have to do all you can to have an absolutely safe and effective online shopping experience. It is not that difficult to maintain online safety- you just have to follow basic rules.

Safe Online Shopping

1. Shop from trusted websites. These are websites that have safer payment methods, and chances are less that you will be cheated in this situation.

2. Look for the certificate. Trusted websites will have a secure sockets layer (SSL). This is the sign you need to check for before you make a payment with your card on a website. This SSL certificate will show up before the website name- the tag will change from http to https.

3. Have a functioning anti virus. Your computer is probably host to a number of malwares and viruses that could steal your identity even when you are using them in a website you frequent. In order to prevent identity theft, you should have a functioning antivirus and make sure that you run them fairy frequently too.

4. Only use private connections. Make sure that your WiFi has a strong password and do not share this detail with everybody. Do not use public terminals or computers while making purchases with your credit card either.


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