Using Search Engines


Using search engines to find what you are looking for

Like most people when I am looking for something I go ask Google, which is sharp efficient and almost reads my mind. Sometimes though if it is area specific I don’t always want to trawl through loads of pages maybe to find that little vintage shop I saw in my last visit to Melbourne. I find it useful then to have access to other search engines; ones that will help me pinpoint certain businesses or places.  I have found this list very useful to keep in my bookmarks.

Search engines use logarithms to functions in a way that is far beyond the normal you and me – well my maths anyway but it is a good idea to know how the leaders on a search engine get there. Most firms employ  SEO – search engine optimisation for their websites. This is an intricate, planned approached to promote their products in a way that Google will recognise; often using other businesses to do this. The search engine is endeavoring to ensure you the customer gets what he is looking for in a clear, descriptive way. They are also encouraging businesses that ensure their websites are smart phone/ tablet friendly. So annoying when searching on my android and the website does not fit my screen and I have to keep scrolling, or it is so small it is unreadable. Well good is search engines penalize businesses that do not offer better visitor experience to the websites, so we should be finding the ones that do allow better viewing at the top of the pages. Want to know more about SEO, take a look here.

Just one more thing before I leave off today, I am using new laptop as my other became very damaged in a visiting nephew accident! As not in my budget but essential I decided on a loan; best deal for me was, check it out if you find yourself in a similar fix.


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