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Almost everyone is shopping online. It has become our lifestyle and is taking over the conventional shopping where you have to go to a Mall and move around trying to find something that interests you.  However, as much as online shopping has made shopping easier, not everyone is happy.  You can buy something online for $45 only to find the same product in your local store retailing at $29.

One of the simplest and easy ways to get the best deals online is by subscribing to an online store newsletter.  The number one avenue for online stores to announce new deals is through email marketing and that including newsletters. It is fast, cheap and easy to reach many people. That is why whenever you are registering or checking out, many stores always gives you an option of joining their mailing list.

Please! Do not ignore this. Opt in.

You may be worried about the privacy of your details. It is true that some stores might sell or use your details in ways you may not like. Some will sell it to other online business and that is how you end having more spam emails.

To avoid this, you first need to establish the legitimacy of the online store. The simplest way is to look up for reviews about that particular store. If they are not legit someone somewhere will complain about them.

Secure online shoppingLook if they are a secure store. On the top right hand corner, look for a green lock. The green lock means that the site has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which protects any data that is passed between web servers and your browser. Websites that has SSL are legitimate..

It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Don’t just read the privacy policy only, combine the above two tips to determine which site you can subscribe for their newsletter. Privacy policies are just words and can be copied from another site or auto-generated online. What matters is who is enforcing the privacy policy? If they are not legit, they will definitely not enforce their own privacy policies.

Newsletter will put you at the front seat whenever there is a new deal or a flash sale. Most of these deals are limited hence you to be among the first to know about them. That where newsletter subscription comes in handy.


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