Hack Attacks Threatening E-commerce and Credit Card Safety?

It is amazing that by merely connecting your computer up and using the right software you can browse through literally thousands of databases and retrieve any information you want or buy products and services conveniently from the biggest market place in the world .Certainly surveys have shown that shoppers make use of the web in instances where it can be more beneficial over traditional shopping. As a matter of fact, most of the educated people worldwide are known to shop more online than going to markets and making the purchases the traditional way. One thing is for sure, having thousands of vendors all under one roof is awesome and you can really compare till you find the best prices.

Keeping your credit card information safe

I’ve always loved shopping online but these days it seems you have to be so careful because it seems hackers are becoming ever more crafty at stealing credit card information from e-commerce sites. Suddenly shopping online seems vulnerable to me and I’ve seen even sites like e-bay going under, stopping auctions out of the blue. Hackers don’t care – they attack sites of all sizes, from your tiny family-run online business to huge enterprises. To me e-commerce looks as though its being threatened and that millions of dollars in potential revenue are lost and who knows how safe our credit card information is?