Fakes and the Role of Social Media

Fakes: The North Face Jacket on Social media

Fakes are taking the consumers for a ride on the internet. social media and counterfeit goods have a close relation as revealed by a recent study. The Fakes have a price tag which is less than half of the original and they sell like hot cakes. Counterfeits are having a really good time on social media. The usual way is to post a picture on Pinterest and share the details of the seller. The products are photographed to resemble products of a popular brand. The photos become the selling point and most of the times the fake products outsell their original counterparts. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with such posts and these platforms are finding it hard to shake off these fakes. Big brands like Apple are also facing the brunt of fake products. I recently experienced the same while shopping online for a watch. I was surprised to find a Tissot watch for $250 which is a really low price. I thought that it was some kind of sale and ordered. The product I received was a fake with a different logo and the name was ” Tisot” instead of “Tissot”. So, the next time you find a product which is branded and selling at a considerably low price do not buy be taken in, double check. It might be a fake.