Online shopping disasters

Online shopping disasters: Expectation vs Reality

Online shopping disasters can really make you question the legitimacy of online shopping. Last month, I was at the receiving end of it. I was waiting for the latest Kindle Fire to launch and I ordered it online. What I got instead was a photo frame. I had to call customer support and return it. This was the first time such a thing had happened to me, and it was weird. But most online shopping disasters happen with clothes and footwear. My neighbour Sara ordered a medium-sized dress online and got a dress that was twice her size. Now this could happen to anyone as judging sizes online can be tricky. Even the product specification may not be helpful at times. I would like to share one more experience my sister had when she bought two books online. The titles were part one and part two of a series. But when she opened them, only the cover was different and the text inside was the same. She returned both the books and swore never to buy online again. These experiences really make you feel that it is not worth shopping online if you can face such troubles. However, you can enjoy the experience if you are careful, and what to be careful of I will share in the next post.


Things to consider while buying Gadgets Online

Buying Gadgets Online

Sale of gadgets in retail stores are going down every minute. There are many things to consider like – there are not that many options to compare and it does not have the lowest possible price. Buying gadgets online is becoming a trend. However few things need to be kept in mind while buying.

Always Compare Prices – You always compare prices while shopping in retail stores and try to get the best deal. There are so many options on the web. Just use the best comparing website. Search engines like google can help you with this.

Consider used and refurbished – The best deals of used and refurbished gadgets are there online. Always try them , they come dirt cheap and have the specifications which will match your requirements.

Do not buy extended warranties – Gadgets have very short shelf life. In 3 months new technology will come and it will render your warranty useless. Buying extended warranties is a big No.

Always opt for Insured Shipping – Instead of clicking the free shipping option read the terms and conditions carefully. A few extra dollars will ensure safe transit. Go for it always.

Buy reliable brands – Buy brands that are reliable how do you identify this? It is not the specifications but the quality testing that makes the brands click.